Discipline Information

The Bierbaum teachers, principals, and staff have chosen a discipline management system which encourages and models self-discipline for students. “Cooperative Discipline” focuses on changing behavior, not on shaming or embarrassing a student. We know that students choose their behaviors in order to belong, and if they can not find a positive way to belong, they will choose a negative way.

When students misbehave, the teacher steps in firmly but respectfully. The teacher encourages good behavior, and supports children’s personal growth. Many techniques are used to help guide students in choosing appropriate behavior. Below are listed behavior expectations for various locations throughout the school. Logical consequences may be assigned for these rule infractions.

General School Rules
Follow directions given the first time.
Stay in assigned areas at all times.
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. KHFOOTY
Show respect for others and their property.
Walk quietly when moving from one area to another.

Playground Rules
Line up promptly when bell or whistle blows.
Use playground equipment in the proper manner.
Stay in designated play area.
Follow directions.

Cafeteria Rules
Follow directions given the first time.
Walk at all times.
Noise level must be kept to a minimum.
Raise hand before leaving seat.

Hallway Rules
Walk to the right at all times.
Go directly to designated area.
Students must have a hall pass.
Noise must be kept to a minimum.

Consequences for Rule Infractions
Interventions in the classroom with or without a discipline letter.
Parent contact with discipline letter or by phone.
Parent contact, conference and discipline letter.
Parent contact, after/before school detention/in school suspension and discipline letter.
Suspension pending parent conference, parent contact and discipline letter.
Suspension from school, parent contact and confirmation letter.
All policies and procedures can be found at mehlvilleschooldistrict.com.

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